Fully Funded University of Alberta Scholarships for International Students 2024

Many foreign students desire to get a world-class education and the fully funded University of Alberta Scholarships for International Students 2024, is a means to achieve this. The University of Alberta which

This world-class study center has admitted over 7,000 international students across 152 countries. For international students who cannot afford the cost of getting quality higher education, the University of Alberta is readily providing fully funded scholarships to help break down the financial barrier and achieve their lifelong dreams.

In this article, we will unveil these various undergraduate and graduate scholarships, their eligibility criteria, and tips for applying for these scholarships.

The List of University of Alberta Scholarships for International Students 2024

Undergraduate Scholarship

These are financial aids provided to fund the education of students at the undergraduate level for an associate or bachelor’s degree.

In the University of Alberta, the undergraduate scholarship is divided into two: the admission-based and application-based scholarships. Let’s check out what each of them entails:

Admission-based scholarships

This scholarship does not require any form of application. What this means is that it is awarded based on the student’s high school admission average.

Each applicant will undergo this evaluation when they apply for admission.

So, all you need to do is to ensure that you perform your best and if you are found eligible for the scholarship at the time of your admission offer, you will be contacted directly by the University of Alberta. This Admission-based scholarships includes:

  • International Admission Scholarship: For this scholarship, the qualifying top students could receive up to CAD 5,000, but the specific amount is dependent on the admission average.
  • Regional Excellence Scholarship: This scholarship is for the top students from specific regions and if you qualify you could receive up to CAD 5,000, but the specific amount is dependent on the admission average.
  • Gold Standard Scholarship: This category is targeted at just the top 5% of students in each faculty. If you are lucky to be among them, you could receive up to $6,000, but the specific amount is dependent on the admission average.

Application-based scholarships

Unlike Admission-based scholarships, this requires you to apply for financial aid. You would be required to get a single scholarship application form and fill out the required sections.

Afterward, the scholarship officials will assess every applicant based on some determining factors which include, background, experiences, academics, and interests.

This will determine your scholarship match. It is required that before applying for these scholarships, you have already applied to an undergraduate degree program.

If you desire to apply now, the deadline for this scholarship category is January 10, 2024. Here are the application-based scholarships available:

  • President’s International Distinction Scholarship: This scholarship is given to students who are studying on a Student Visa Permit and have a really high admission average.

These students would have shown leadership qualities while going on their first year of an undergraduate degree and they could receive up to CAD 120,000, which is payable over 4 years of study.

  • International Leader Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students with a proven record of leadership qualities as well as superior academic scores. Recipients may receive up to CAD 15,000.
  • University of Alberta Global Citizen Scholarship for IB Diploma International Students: This University of Alberta Scholarship category is targeted at students with these qualities: proven record of superior academics and strong International Baccalaureate Diploma academic standing.

They must have shown that they need financial aid, and have leadership qualities.

The applicants must be entering their first year of an undergraduate degree program from Aga Khan Academies which is operating under the AKA agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, and they should be students on Student Visa permits in Canada.

Successful students are eligible to receive up to $53,000 per year, which is payable over 4 years of study.

Graduate Entrance Scholarship

This is the second category of scholarship and it is targeted at graduate students that just got their admission. To qualify, you would be recommended by the admitting department when you have a high ranking in your department at admission. That means it is not an application-based scholarship. scholarship caters to Masters students and Doctoral students. The Master’s student will receive a stipend value of $17,500, while $21,000 will be awarded to Doctoral students. Furthermore, every international student will get an additional $10,000 to cover their fees. Here are the eligibility requirements for this scholarship:

  • The students are to have a Canadian bank account and Canadian address before they can get this scholarship.
  • Only newly admitted students in a master’s or doctoral program are qualified
  • Caters to both domestic and international students
  • Course-based or thesis students are the beneficiary
  • Students qualify only by having an admission GPA of 3.7 or higher

Helpful Tips for Applying for University of Alberta Scholarships for International Students 

  • Before applying, carefully read the application to ensure you understand what is needed before you start filling your application. Ensure all sections are filled out correctly.
  • Your response to the questions asked should not be shallow or rushed. It should be convincing to people who read it, so they would be convinced that you deserve the scholarship.

After all, you are a scholar, so prove it.

  • Be truthful in all your questions. In a bid to sound impressive and passionate, do not fabricate lies in your achievements or experience.
  • When writing about your experience and achievements, only pen down the ones that top the list and portray passion. Ensure you link its relevance to the reason for your scholarship application. These could include, public service, mentorship, volunteerism, and athletics among others.
  • Remember that you are competing with other students, highlight the unique qualities that make you different and the best-qualified recipient for the scholarship.
  • To ensure that you avoid mistakes in your application, be careful with your spelling and grammar. You can first write down your answers privately, before filling out the scholarship form on the Student Application Portal.


Your dreams of getting a degree- undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate, are achievable through the University of Alberta’s fully funded scholarships. This academic institution is invested in providing you with the best education and a bright future regardless of your nationality.

So, if you are an aspiring international student with dreams of studying in Canada, remember that in 2023, the University of Alberta is fully funded and ready to welcome you into its diverse and intellectually stimulating academic family.


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